Abysme (Click here to read more >>)

Three brilliant students.

The world's most powerful supercomputer.

What could go wrong?

Follow Mathilde, Szymon and Oliver, in Paris' most prestigious university, as they set out not to change the world - but to build a new one.

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Encore Series (Click here to read more >>)

What if you were living each day twice, and only the second one counted?

Leo Melikian, a smart but naïve 25-year old stuck in an lowly white-collar job in the South of France, wakes up one day with this exact power. As soon as he comes to terms with what is going on, he does what anyone else would do and uses it to grow rich.

His life has just begun to change however. In the midst of a France brewing with social unrest driven by immigration, secession and Russian influence, Leo will quickly discover that his power comes with more limitations than advantages.

Status: Book 1 Complete. You can find the first four chapters by following the link above - or the full version on Amazon, in both e-book and paperback versions!

Book 2 starting when Abysme is complete!